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Kitchen Mats For Home Kitchens

CWF Flooring, Inc. produces kitchen floor mats are made of high grade Polyurethane sponge foam. CWF Flooring, Inc. also produces hair salon mats with Polyurethane sponge foam. Our carbonated-like kitchen floor mats will add comfort to legs and feet. The anti-fatigue properties associated with CWF's kitchen floor mats will add hours of stress free standing and walking at kitchen counters. The textured and colored skin encases and surrounds a ¾” thick foam core mat. Beveled perimeter edges afford safe mounting and dismounting off the kitchen mats. Beveled edges add a satisfying aesthetic appeal as well. CWF's colorful and decorative mats are not perforated. Commercial restaurant kitchen mats is another option for industrial and institutional kitchens and restaurants.

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home use kitchen mats
Our collection of kitchen mat colors and textures will satisfy everybody's personal taste and match all home kitchens.

los angeles kitchen matHome kitchen mat photo by customer, Janice of Los Angeles, California
red kitchen floor matRed kitchen floor mat. Photo submitted by: Desiree of San Francisco, CA
Dorado Kitchen MatDorado Kitchen Mat submitted by: Katrina of San Diego, California

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Matting For Kitchen Floor

Home Use Kitchen Floor Mats

"Preparing Baby Food Without
Kitchen Matting Hurts My Feet"
"Mommie, can you buy me soft kitchen mats"
Asks Baby Marlew

CWF Flooring produces beautifully-manufactured home kitchen floor mats that comprise elegance, style, and well-engineered comfort. These therapeutic anti-fatigue mats are brilliantly designed not only with a keen eye to aesthetic beauty, but with materials containing the most advanced properties that contribute to healthy posture while reducing the pain and fatigue that can result from extended standing. Our decorative kitchen mats feel like an anti-fatigue mat and does not feel like you're standing on a rubber gym floor.

Just ask someone in the medical profession. If CWF's mats are good enough for *laboratories and operating rooms where technicians and surgeons spend hours on their feet, imagine the wonders it will perform in the kitchen or laundry room. Why exacerbate back, hip, foot, and joint pain? Our home mats make standing motionless from the waist down (like when at the sink, doing laundry, or at the stove) for extended periods help to alleviate the fatigue and discomfort that result from inactivity. Our shock-absorbing kitchen mat core supports and cushions feet to provide therapeutic pain relief. But don’t take our word for it, just ask your pharmacist what he or she stands on all day to avoid lower extremity pain. *According to a study published in the April, 2010 issue of Outpatient Surgery Magazine and the May 2010 edition of Journal of Urology on the evaluation of kitchen mats in the surgical suite, the use of CWF's mats during surgeries was very advantageous, “… [with] a better level of energy and less discomfort in immediate postoperative time…and 24 hours after the procedure…”
No Pain With CWF's Kitchen Floor Mats
Bring back the joy in cooking with anti-fatigue kitchen matting.
Relax the back with gel-like support.
Increase productivity due to more comfort with soft floor kitchen mats.

Proudly manufactured in the U.S.A., CWF Flooring’s kitchen mats are slip-resistant, Latex-free, stain resistant, anti-microbial, puncture-resistant, and eco-friendly (made with plant-based renewable resources that support CWF Flooring’s green philosophy). Mats are anti-fatigue but not anti-static. Additionally, the rounded edge goes a long way to preventing trips. With designs, textures, and colors to enhance any kitchen environment, CWF’s home use floor mats are rapidly becoming a favorite to decorators and homeowners everywhere. Home use kitchen mat can securely loose lay; a peel and stick backing is not required.

Their quality construction adds long-wearing beauty and comfort that everyone can appreciate – no aches, no pains, and no discomfort…just good looks with excellent health benefits. Each of our six attractive design choices comes in 4 colors, each unique to the pattern:

Navaho Kitchen Mat
Reminiscent of Native American basketry, the Navaho design comes in Cavalier, High-Handed, Sterling, and Street Wear.
Sonora Kitchen Mat
The Sonora’s woven grass mat effect evokes island breezes and the smell of sweet grass. Its color palate is aptly named Bermuda, Broom, Foxtail, and Grass.
Crocodile Kitchen Mat
As elegantly embossed as an expensive handbag, the Crocodile comes in rich colors like Burma, Caiman, Safari, and Fastback.
Alligator Kitchen Mat
Our richly embossed Alligator patterned mat is offered in Bourbon, Cocktail, Cognac, and Mojito.
Dorado Kitchen Mat
The Dorado suggest a subtle, muted embossed checkerboard effect, which presents well in the color choices of Cork, Kiwi, Mojito, and Teak.
Falling Leaf Kitchen Mat
The Falling Leaf mat is unique to our other patterns, in that it is the only one that is designed in a print. This lovely leaf-patterned mat befittingly comes in Alder, Aspen, Chestnut, and Narnia.
With twenty four color and six texture options CWF Flooring, Inc.’s kitchen floor mats can match any home kitchen décor. Kitchen curtains patterns and colors become highlighted, kitchen counter tops accented, kitchen floors are protected and decorated with soothing color and textured home kitchen mats. Kitchen Mat Brochure

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